Schmidt K1 Fountain Pen Ink Converter

Schmidt K1 Fountain Pen Ink Converter

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This Schmidt K1 Fountain Pen Ink Converter allows you to use bottled ink with any fountain pen that accepts a standard ink cartridge.  Simply remove any installed cartridges, push the ink converter into the back the grip section until snug.  Once installed dip the entire nib into the bottle of ink and twist the back of the ink converter counter-clockwise to pull ink up through the nib into the converter.  Once you have twisted the plunger all the way to the back re-assemble the fountain pen and you are ready to start writing.

This converter also works great to flush ink from the nib.  Just dip the nib into a glass of water and constantly twist the plunger forwards and backwards to pull the water in and out of the nib/feeder.  Repeat this process by changing out the water every few twists until the water is clear.  


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